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Retirement Villages and Homes 

There are multiple methods in which individuals can possess or inhabit properties within a retirement community. Typically, individuals may choose to reside in such villages through long-term leases, licensing agreements, or by owning properties under Strata Title Ownership.

Inquire about which one of these options is best for you.


Manufactured Homes Parks

Manufactured homes parks provide alternative housing options to traditional freehold title properties by offering spaces for residents to place their prefabricated homes, or even build more substantial homes. These parks typically offer communal facilities and services through a site agreement while allowing residents to maintain ownership of their homes. Regulations and agreements govern park operations, residency requirements, and maintenance responsibilities.

Licence to Occupy

A licence to occupy grants an individual the right to use or occupy a property without transferring ownership. This arrangement is commonly used in retirement villages, manufactured home parks, and similar settings, providing occupants with certain rights and obligations specified in the licence agreement, such as payment of fees and compliance with community rules.

Granny Flat Agreements

Broadly, a Granny Flat Agreement (GFA) involves formalising a person’s financial contribution to a property that somebody else owns. Despite the name, GFAs may refer to a number of different arrangements with property, even where no actual granny flat is involved.

GFAs are similar to co-ownership agreements, with some important differences. GFAs must comply with strict Centrelink rules. If they are non-compliant, they can significantly impact a person’s eligibility to receive the aged pension. The contributor of funds in the GFA is not permitted to legally own any share of the property in which they are investing, and lastly they must live at the property permanently. The person who owns the property must guarantee the contributor residence for life, even if the property is sold to another person.

GFAs can be a very useful tool for retired people to downsize and give financial assistance to family members without jeopardising their pension entitlements. They can be complex and have significant legal and financial consequences, so professional advice is essential to tailor a GFA to your particular circumstances and intentions.


Co-Ownership Agreements

Co-ownership agreements outline the rights and responsibilities of multiple individuals jointly owning a property. These agreements address issues such as property usage, financial contributions, maintenance responsibilities, and dispute resolution mechanisms. They are crucial for clarifying expectations and avoiding conflicts among co-owners.

Family Arrangements

Family arrangements involve informal or formal agreements made within families regarding property ownership, living arrangements, caregiving responsibilities, and financial support. These arrangements can encompass various arrangements, such as cohabitation agreements, financial support agreements, and property transfer agreements, tailored to the specific needs and dynamics of the family members involved.

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