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We’re not just professionals, but locals; real people, delivering real solutions for your legal and accounting needs.


Solicitors and Accountants Sunshine Coast

Greenhalgh Pickard have experienced professionals in most areas of legal and accounting work. If we can’t help you, we guarantee that we can refer you to someone, we trust, who can. For the benefit of our clients we are constantly improving our services, and developing our extensive network of other professional specialists in wider inter-related fields.

Understanding our clients’ circumstances allows us to develop lifelong relationships with them. We have developed trusting and strong relationships with many of our clients. They engage us as their guides and advisors.

Legal Services Sunshine Coast

We offer a number of legal services including: Business & Commercial Law, Employment Law, Family & Defacto Law, Litigation (Legal Disputes), Criminal Law, Wills & Estate Planning, Property & Conveyancing.

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Accounting Sunshine Coast

We offer a range of accounting services including Bookkeeping, Negative Gearing Advice, Self-Managed Super Funds, Tax Returns, Business & Accounting Advice, and much more.

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If you are after legal, business or accounting guidance, fill out the form to receive an immediate quote for our services. Our team will contact you within one business day to discuss your matter and provide you with a personalised quote.


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Based on 658 reviews
Jessica Gorman
25 April 2024
The team at Greenhalgh and Pickard were fantastic. They were able to review our house contract without a moment notice. They gave great advice and communicated with us throughout the whole house buying process.
Laura White
12 April 2024
Have been with Greenhalgh Pickard for 4 years now and have not looked back (have tried about 4 different accountanting businesses prior). They have the professionalism of a big company, but the service of a small business, which is very hard to find. We always receive fantastic advice from Jason, he's patient with all our questions and knows exactly where to direct us. We're grateful to have him look after our personal and business accounts and highly recommend, thanks Jason and GP!
Robert Lloyd
11 April 2024
Shania was very thorough and professional, answered all our questions. A lovely young woman. Would highly recommend 😊
8 April 2024
Thank you so much for your excellent service. You made it such an easy process for me when my father passed away and again when we needed to update our wills and power of attorney. Your professional and caring attitude is rare these days and it didn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.
Brigitte Knoll
3 April 2024
I used Greenhalgh Pickford for the public notary service which was very prompt and professional
Vicky Rohun
21 March 2024
Always happy with there professional service and they are 100% efficient in everything they do!!
Campbell Andersen
14 March 2024
John gave me outstanding service and advice, Easy to talk to and discuss my concerns. Highly recommended
Alan Hammond
13 March 2024
We have been extremely impressed with Ella Saurine's professionalism and attention to detail during our recent conveyancing matter. Nothing was too much trouble and she had a very personable approach to any questions. We had previously handled conveyancing our selves but times and the law have changed. We were very glad that we engaged Greenhalgh Pickard who were prompt, diligent and professional in every way. We will use them in future and have no hesitation in recommending them.
Marguerita Richardson
8 March 2024
We are very happy with the service provided by Dylan Murphy at Greenhalgh Pickard Solicitors & Accountants. He has has been happy to help in multiple areas and responds promptly to enquiries.
Mark Elliott Elliott
6 March 2024
I highly recommend GreenhalghPickard as Damon Jones the Senior Accountant and his team have been extremely helpful firstly in setting up our new business, and now they continue to provide support with the running of the business.

Our Services

Estate Law Book With Last Will And Testament Papers

Our expert legal team can offer assistance and advice to settle estate disputes including disputes of wills, property, and capital. We can help you to understand your inheritance rights and ensure that you receive what you’re entitled to when a will is settled.

Estate Law Book With Last Will And Testament Papers

Our team of litigation lawyers can help you to settle complex legal disputes fairly and efficiently. We can act on your behalf during civil, commercial, or criminal cases and advocate for you during arbitration, mediation, and court proceedings. We always offer our clients clear and transparent legal advice.

Professional Giving Business Advice

Our commercial law specialists can assist with setting up, running, and managing all the legal aspects of businesses including sole trading businesses and partnerships. Our wide range of services for commercial clients covers property leases, sales documents, purchase contracts, shareholders agreements, and loans and securities.

Consulting A Lawyers For A Property

Our property solicitors can carry out all aspects of conveyancing whether you’re buying or selling a property. We offer our conveyancing services at an affordable fixed fee rate and stay in regular contact with our clients to provide prompt and accurate responses to all of your queries and concerns.

Last Will And Testament Papers

Our expert estate lawyers can help you to plan for the future with our comprehensive wills and estate planning services. Ensure the security of your loved ones when you pass on and protect the future of your estate with a legally binding will today.

Businessmen Doing A Handshake

Get your business off to the best start with our professional business advisory and start-up services, designed to provide entrepreneurs and new business owners with the advice and support that they need to run a legally compliant and successful business in any sector.

About Our Professional Solicitors & Accountants

At Greenhalgh Pickard, we are a team of qualified and experienced solicitors offering comprehensive legal services on the Sunshine Coast. We employ a diverse range of legal and accounting professionals to assist our clients with a huge range of legal and financial matters in both the commercial and residential sectors. Our dedicated solicitors work hard to deliver personalised advice and solutions to our clients in all aspects of law, including:

We are a local law firm employing specialists across multiple areas of law and finance to offer comprehensive legal services to the local community.

We offer tailored advice to all of our clients and work hard to advocate for our client’s needs no matter what their concerns. Whether you’re setting up a business or facing legal disputes relating to property, estates or business, our team of expert solicitors can help you to reach a satisfactory agreement quickly and efficiently.

If you’re looking for a friendly and approachable team of legal experts in your area, contact us today at Greenhalgh Pickard. Call us today for advice or to book an initial consultation with one of our solicitors.

Why Choose Greenhalgh Pickard


Integrated Solution

We believe that it makes sense to provide integrated solutions and services across both legal and accounting, saving our clients time and money.



We have experienced professionals in most areas of legal and accounting work. If we can’t help you, we guarantee that we can refer you to someone who can.



We’re locals; real people delivering real solutions for your legal and accounting needs.


Clients for Life

Understanding our clients’ circumstances allows us to develop lifelong relationships with them.



We calculate the time and cost of each component so you can see where your money will be spent.


Environmental Impact

We are doing our part to reduce our impact on the environment with our paperless firm initiative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are solicitors and what do they do?

Solicitors are more than just representatives in court. They’re advisors, consultants and strategists. From understanding the intricate details of property transactions to ensuring the solidity of business agreements, a solicitor can assist you in a range of legal matters. They play an important role in interpreting the law, advising on rights and formulating a strategy to ensure the most suitable outcome for their clients. 

When should an individual consult a legal professional?

While certain situations are more apparent, like being summoned to court, there are also subtle situations where legal advice can be beneficial. For instance, during negotiations for a significant contract, navigating through family estate disputes or understanding the legal nuances of starting a new business venture. Having a solicitor’s perspective ensures that you are always one step ahead, minimising risks and ensuring your rights are always protected.

What is the difference between a lawyer and a solicitor?

A Lawyer is a person who has completed a legal qualification – usually a Bachelor of Laws or Juris Doctor degree and obtained legal training to provide advice to clients. Solicitors are legal practitioners who have completed a law degree and hold a practising certificate from the Supreme Court. The term used interchangeably refers to your first line of defence, professionals who construct arguments, create legal documents, provide important advice, and often step in for court representation, particularly in intricate cases.

How do solicitors maintain client confidentiality?

The foundation of the client-solicitor relationship is built on trust and confidentiality. Beyond adhering to ethical guidelines and stringent professional standards, solicitors uphold the law with utmost discretion. They implement advanced data protection measures and undergo regular training sessions on confidentiality. With a steadfast commitment to their client’s interests, they ensure every piece of information is safeguarded.

What should I expect during my initial consultation?

First impressions matter. This meeting provides insight into how your relationship with the solicitor will evolve. Beyond discussing the specifics of your case, this meeting is an opportunity to gauge the solicitor’s approach, their expertise in the domain and their dedication. It’s a mutual exploration where both parties can set expectations, discuss potential strategies and establish communication channels.

how can I ensure a smooth working relationship with my solicitor?

Building a harmonious relationship with your solicitor is similar to any other professional relationship. The foundation is built upon transparent communication, adherence to schedules and trust. Just as you’d expect your solicitor to be prompt and detailed in their responses, they’d appreciate timely feedback and access to any information that could help the case. A collaborative approach ensures you’re not just a client but an active participant in your legal journey.

What role do solicitors play in commercial law?

Commercial law revolves around businesses and their operations. Solicitors play an important role in ensuring that businesses adhere to constantly evolving rules and regulations. Beyond drafting and advising on contracts, they guide enterprises through intellectual property rights, employment laws and shareholder agreements. They can recognise potential legal challenges, which allows for proactive problem-solving. They ensure businesses operate within the legal framework, safeguarding against potential disputes and liabilities.

How can solicitors assist in property transactions?

Buying or selling property involves intricate legal paperwork. Solicitors offer clarity and confidence in this process. From the initial stages of drafting a contract to the finalisation of a sale or purchase, a solicitor ensures every step adheres to the legal framework. They conduct thorough research to ensure there are no issues with the property.  

For buyers, a solicitor checks zoning laws, ensuring the property’s intended use won’t be hindered in the future. For sellers, solicitors help in obtaining necessary certificates and preparing vendor statements. They also facilitate communication between banks for the settlement process, ensuring funds are correctly transferred and titles are changed. 

How do I choose the right type of lawyer for my needs?

There are various specialisations within the law, making it imperative to choose a lawyer who aligns with your specific needs. Start by understanding the nature of your legal requirement: Is it a personal matter, like a Will or divorce? Or a business concern, such as trademarking a product? Once the domain is clear, research lawyers who advise in that area. 

Seek recommendations, read reviews and perhaps most importantly, schedule initial consultations. This meeting provides an opportunity to gauge the lawyer’s approach, knowledge and reputation. It’s not just about credentials; it’s about finding someone who understands your concerns, communicates effectively and represents your interests.

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Forcing the Sale of a Co-Owned Property

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