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Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Building productive business connections is crucial, but it can get intricate. You can rely on our legal team at Greenhalgh Pickard, your trusted commercial litigation partners.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation involves dispute resolution processes where one or more parties initiate legal proceedings to address a disagreement or conflict arising from a commercial transaction.

It encompasses disputes concerning contracts, business relationships, intellectual property, and other business-related issues. The primary objective of commercial litigation is to achieve a fair resolution that bring justice to our client’s rights in their legal proceedings.

Legal Representation

It is unwise to navigate a legal dispute without the support of a commercial litigation lawyer. Our litigation attorneys possess the skills and knowledge to navigate legal intricacies and represent your case in court. Additionally, we protect you and your business against imprudent actions.

Resolving Commercial Disputes

When disputes arise, our professional team of lawyers offer various methods for resolution, such as mediation and arbitration.

Our objective is to facilitate a mutually beneficial solution for all parties involved, minimising the requirement for legal action.

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Managing Legal Affairs for Your Business

Our commercial litigation lawyers can assist in drafting your business documents in compliance with the law. We also offer guidance on potential legal violations, helping you safeguard yourself and your company from fraud and potential legal issues. In any such scenario, our professionals are ready to assist.

How We Can Help

We’re here to assist you through commercial disputes – that’s our expertise!

Our litigation lawyers are all about you, offering the best advice and supporting your interests in court. We take pride in listening closely and ensuring you receive excellent service.

Construction Disputes

Our litigation attorneys specialise in resolving construction project disputes, including contract disputes, delays, defects, and cost overruns. Following a comprehensive assessment, we provide advice tailored to your needs.

Partnership Disputes

Our team excels in resolving disagreements between partners in a just and timely manner. Through close collaboration, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation and provide tailored legal advice.

Shareholder Disputes

Our lawyers possess significant experience in professionally resolving disputes among shareholders. We work closely with you to ensure fair treatment of all parties and the legally binding of any agreements.

Australian Consumer Law Disputes

Resolving disputes related to Australian Consumer Law, including false representations and product safety concerns, is within our expertise. We meticulously review each situation and provide advice tailored to your specific needs.

Debtor / Creditor Disputes

Our commercial litigation team is well-equipped to assist you in recovering unpaid debts. We analyse the situation, offer guidance on the optimal course of action, and, if necessary, represent your interests in court.

Intellectual Property (IP) Disputes

Our seasoned team of litigation lawyers are at the top of their field in protecting your intellectual property rights from infringement or misuse. We assess the situation, present guidance on the best course of action, and represent your interests in court when necessary.

Contract Breaches

Our legal professionals have extensive experience in handling breach of contract disputes. We are experts at reviewing and interpreting contracts, negotiating terms, and safeguarding your rights in court.

Misleading & Deceptive Conduct

If you have fallen victim to misleading or deceptive conduct, we can help safeguard your rights. Our approach involves a thorough review of your situation, advice on the most appropriate course of action, and representation in court if required.

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