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Dealing with legal disputes and litigation can be stressful, however having the right Litigation Lawyer by your side can ease the burden and simplify the process involved to achieve a favourable outcome. Contact Greenhalgh Pickard today and we’ll discuss how we can help you.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Greenhalgh Pickard can act on your behalf during the litigation court process, whether it involves a civil, commercial litigation or a criminal matter or assist you with alternative dispute resolution options such as mediation or arbitration.

We are proactive in navigating the various personal and corporate disputes that can arise. We’ll ensure you receive clear legal advice to resolve your matter as efficiently as possible.


Our Experienced Litigation Team


Our experienced Litigation Lawyers John Greenhalgh, Eloise Turnbull and Braden Milburn, can assist you in dispute resolution and general litigation.

We provide a fixed-fee initial consultation to discuss your situation and explore the options available to help you achieve the best possible outcome.


What our litigation team can help you with:

Elder Abuse


Australian Consumer Law


Property disputes


Real estate transactions


Shareholder disputes


Traffic infringements


Debt collection


Criminal cases


Defamation matters


Disputes with administrative bodies


Partnership disputes


Contract matters


Appearances in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts


Peace and Good Behaviour Orders


Unfair dismissal and other workplace issues

Settling a legal dispute in court

Settling complex disputes in court requires a delicate balance of legal expertise, negotiation skills, and commercial experience. The court serves as a neutral ground where parties can present their arguments, backed by evidence and legal principles.

Greenhalgh Pickard has an integrated team of Litigation, Employment, Property and Commercial Law professionals who can assist in complex litigation matters. With a wide range of knowledge and resources, our firm can help you achieve a favourable outcome.

If you need advice regarding a legal dispute, call Greenhalgh Pickard on (07) 5444 1022 today.

Settling a legal dispute outside of court

Depending on the details of the matter, you may be able to settle using alternative forms of dispute resolution such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration. This reduces the necessity of court intervention.

A fundamental part of Greenhalgh Pickard’s practice involves the development of risk management strategies at an early stage of a potential dispute, and where appropriate, exploring alternative dispute resolution methods.

When you engage our litigation team for assistance with any form of Alternate Dispute Resolution (from mediation, arbitration or conciliation), we guarantee:



Trusted advice


Integrated service


Experienced solutions

Why Engage in Mediation?

During mediation, parties are offered the time to explore the viewpoint of all parties with a view of reaching an outcome that is agreeable for everyone involved. Each party is provided the opportunity to understand the other party’s point of view. In doing so, the process assists in reducing the stress and ongoing expenses that might be associated with lengthy, stressful legal proceedings.

As your Lawyer in mediation, we will advise on the process and what to expect. Further to that, we will strategise the potential settlements and prospects in the matter keeping your best interests prioritised.

As mediation experts are impartial and unable to offer specific advice, any outcomes or results are up to the decision of the involved parties which again adds to the benefit of the parties controlling the outcome.

Additionally, mediations are conducted on a without prejudice basis. This means what you share is protected and cannot be used against you in a court or shared with a third party. The selected mediator will lead the parties through a structured process and ensure the discussion moves smoothly and fairly.


Are you ready for Trial?

When appearing at trial the parties to a dispute will present evidence and arguments before a judge and/or jury to plead their case. As it is conducted in a court of law there are established procedural rules to be abided. During a trial, each party has the opportunity to plead their case, including cross-examination of witnesses, disclosure of documents, and legal submissions, to support their position. The judge and/or jury then evaluates the evidence and arguments presented then renders a decision based on the applicable law and the facts of the case.

As your lawyer at trial, we will offer tailored legal strategies, meticulous case preparation, and skilled representation in court. We navigate legal complexities, negotiating commercial settlements, and managing trial proceedings efficiently. Our team of litigation lawyers are here to provide ongoing advocacy and support to you, guiding you through the legal process and pursuing favourable outcomes in your best interest.


5 Star 

Join our satisfied clients! With over 640+ 5-star reviews, our proven track record speaks volumes about the quality and excellence you can expect from our services.

Litigation lawyers

Our team at Greenhalgh Pickard are experienced litigation lawyers who know the legal process and can offer practical advice to individuals tailored to their needs.


We are committed to your satisfaction, and we pride ourselves on responding promptly to your concerns so that you can have peace of mind knowing we’re here for you.

Book in with our experienced Litigation Lawyers today

For litigation professionals that you can trust for quality support and equitable outcomes, contact the team at Greenhalgh Pickard today. We’re on hand to help you with all your litigation or dispute resolution needs and will work with you and other involved parties to ensure a fair and reasonable outcome.

Call our litigation team today on (07) 5444 1022.

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