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A Carbon Neutral Society.


It starts with us.


Here at Greenhalgh Pickard, green is not just in our name but it’s engrained in our nature. We are passionate about enacting positive social and environmental change and we believe in todays day and age, as a business you should be making steps towards a carbon neutral society.

We would really love to share what we do here at Greenhalgh Pickard to reach our goal of net 0 emissions and take you on our climate journey. Located in the pristine location of the Sunshine Coast, our environment is fundamental to our lifestyles and we want to do our part in preserving it.

We want to help other businesses find simple and practical ways to enact changes in their office to make a big difference.


Paperless Firm Initiative


Our paperless firm initiative has been in place since 2005. We prioritise electronic communications and signing of documents through platforms such as DocuSign. Not only does this reduce our paper waste, this assists our productivity and efficiency with our clients. 

Our marketing materials are produced on recyclable paper, and manufactured with soy inks to reduce our carbon footprint and aid our paperless initiatives. 


Transport Modes in the Office


Make the mornings fun and invest in an office e-bike or e-scooter!


We have become accustomed to our solicitors arriving to work on electric skateboards and E-bikes to reduce their carbon footprint. Our Associate Directors Rob Hollis and Harry McDonald, have committed to the green revolution!

Harry cruises to work, cool as a cucumber, on his electric skateboard whilst Rob’s clients have become accustomed to his fluorescent cycling stripes, having cycled to work on his E-bike.  

Both say they love it and their new transport modes are permanent!

The rest of our staff carpool where possible and try their best to utilise public transport. What small transport variations can you make to instil big change in our community?


Mission Zero


Our teams mission is to achieve net zero emissions. We fundamentally believe we all have a vital part to play in reducing climate change.

Are you across the values of the companies you engage with? What small changes can you make in your day to day, to collectively make a big difference?

We believe it is up to all of us to make small changes which have a big collective impact.

Thanks for your support and we hope we can continue to share more of our climate journey with you! 


– Greenhalgh Pickard team






Legal & Accounting Full Service Sunshine Coast Law Firm


Greenhalgh Pickard Solicitors and Accountants is an innovative, full service, Queensland law firm and accounting firm with 3 convenient law offices on the Sunshine Coast. Our clients predominantly live and work on the Sunshine Coast but we've many clients also located throughout Queensland, interstate and even overseas.

With accounting and law firm offices in Caloundra, Kawana and Coolum Beach, Greenhalgh Pickard Solicitors and Accountants takes pride in being trusted legal guides and financial business accountant advisers to clients everywhere.

Whether you wish to make a Will, Enduring Powers of Attorney or Advanced Health Directive, need assistance to administer an estate, require a Binding Death Benefit Nomination, or you're planning on contesting a will. Lawyers from Greenhalgh Pickard can help.




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