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Definition of Assault

You can be charged with assault if you strike, touch, move or otherwise apply force of any kind to another person, directly or indirectly, without the other person’s consent. This also includes where there is threat to apply force of any kind to another person.

An application of force includes applying heat, light, electrical force, gas, odour, or any other substance or thing whatever if applied in such a degree as to cause injury or personal discomfort.


Common assault
You may be charged with common assault where the person assaulted has sustained minor injuries or threatened to assault someone. This offence carries a penalty of 3 years imprisonment.


Assault occasioning bodily harm
You may be charged with assault occasioning bodily harm where the person assaulted has sustained more serious injuries, causing ‘actual bodily harm’. Bodily harm is defined as any bodily injury which interferes with health or comfort. The penalty for this offence, is 7 years imprisonment and is dealt with by the Magistrates Court or District Court. 

If you pretend to be armed with any dangerous or offensive weapon or instrument or in company with 1 or more other person(s) the penalty is 10 years imprisonment. 


Serious assault carries a penalty of 7 years imprisonment for the below occurrences:

  • assault someone with an intention of committing another crime. 
  • resist arrest or detention, or that of someone else, by police
  • assault, resist, or wilfully obstruct a police officer
  • assault a person while they are performing a legal duty (corrective service officer, public officer)
  • assault a person in order to commit an unlawful conspiracy
  • assault any person who is 60 years or more
  • any person who relies on a guide, hearing or assistance dog, wheelchair or other remedial device.

However, this penalty may be raised to 14 years imprisonment if you bite, spit, or in any way apply bodily fluid or faeces to a police officer.


Aggravated assault
If you have a weapon, or were affected by drugs or alcohol in a public place you may be charged with aggravated assault.


To be convicted of assault, the prosecution must prove the elements of assault, beyond reasonable doubt.


  • Self-defence
  • Accident
  • Extraordinary emergency
  • Provocation

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