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Domestic violence is a civil matter between two people in a relevant relationship that can take the form of:


Physical abuse
Sexual abuse
Emotional or psychological abuse
Economical abuse

If you have a DVO taken out against you because of any of the above points, you can be charged with breaching the DVO through any of the following actions:

(a) causing personal injury to a person or threatening to do so;

(b) coercing (forcing) a person to engage in sexual activity or attempting to do so;

(c) damaging a person’s property or threatening to do so;

(d) depriving a person of the person’s liberty or threatening to do so;

(e) threatening a person with the death or injury of the person, a child of the person, or someone else;

(f) threatening to commit suicide or self-harm so as to torment, intimidate or frighten the person to whom the behaviour is directed;

(g) causing or threatening to cause the death of, or injury to, an animal, whether or not the animal belongs to the person to whom the behaviour is directed, so as to control, dominate or coerce the person;

(h) unauthorised surveillance of a person (reading a person’s text messages, emails, internet history, social media or tracking a person through GPS);

(i) unlawfully stalking a person.


If you contravene a domestic violence order, the maximum penalty is 5 years imprisonment.



 Read our article to learn more about preventing a DVO breach and how to avoid criminal charges. 

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