When two parents separate, it can be the most traumatic time in a child’s life. The two most important pillars in their life seem suddenly appear less sturdy.

There are steps that can be taken to minimise this:

  1. Allow the child to take between your two households important personal items such as their favourite teddy or blanket. For them, this is a ‘constant’ within two different environments and it can help to reassure them.
  2. In ordinary circumstances, allow the child to spend time with each parent as regularly as possible. The younger the child, the more frequent the child needs to see each parent. They remember faces and features.
  3. Remove and do not display any parental conflict in front of the child. It can confuse them and undermines their pre-held beliefs in their two parents.
  4. Do not force the child ‘to choose’ between parents.

Separation is difficult enough. You have some control in making it less difficult than otherwise might be the case.

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