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We provide a solution to all your tax accounting requirements. Our team of accountants and bookkeepers are able to:

Help you set up suitable financial systems to ensure the collection of information to inform your tax return.
Complete your tax return accurately and in a timely manner.
Deal with any queries or concerns that the ATO might have.
Resolve issues relating to missing tax returns, late returns, incomplete or inaccurate returns.
Carry out auditing to ensure the financial information you’re generating is of a suitable standard.
A Tax Return
A Tax Accounting


Nobody wants to pay more tax than they have to! Accountants are legal professionals who specialise in tax law. We can advise on how to minimise your tax burden, both now and in the future. Use us to obtain comprehensive legal advice on how to:

Reduce your personal tax obligation.
Minimise the burden of inheritance tax.
Reduce the amount of tax your business has to pay.
Plan proactively to reduce the amount of tax your business has to pay in the future.
Ensure that when you’re making decisions about your personal or business affairs, you have access to accurate information on the tax implications of your choices.


Greenhalgh Pickard can assist in all aspects of your financial planning. In most cases, the sooner you start to plan for the future, the easier it is to protect your assets and ensure you’ll keep your tax burden to an absolute minimum. We provide customised planning assistance that’s tailored to your circumstances.

Our aim is to support our clients by providing them with the high-grade legal information they need to inform their decision-making. We value the opportunity to advise on how best to plan for the future.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds Accounting (SMSF Accounting)

Just like any other trust, SMSFs need to produce appropriate accounts and pay tax if necessary. We offer a complete suite of cost-effective financial services to SMSFs, ensuring record keeping and tax information is accurate, timely and of a suitable standard. If you need advice on how to run your SMSF or have concerns about its current operation, we are happy to assist.

If you want to make changes to how your SMSF operates, or have any other issues with it, our legal professionals can provide suitable assistance and information.


Do you wish to set up an SMSF? Self-managed Superannuation Funds are one of the fastest growing options for people wanting to ensure that they’re provided for when they retire. The main difference between an SMSF and other forms of super is that an SMSF is set up and managed by trustees. It’s possible to set up an individual or joint SMSF, or one that has multiple members.

Making sure you set up an SMSF correctly is vital if it’s to operate legally and deliver the financial outcomes you’re looking for.

Book a consultation with the leading Sunshine Coast accountants, Greenhalgh Pickard today on (07) 5444 1022.

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