What’s new for small businesses

Tax concession rules for small businesses have changed. The changes are effective from 1 July 2016, and will apply from your 2017 tax return. Expanded access to small business concessions More.

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Small Business Company Tax

From the 2016–17 income year, the small business company tax rate has been reduced to 27.5%. This lower rate now applies to small businesses with a turnover (that is,.

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Superannuation Cap – Part 2

CGT relief There are transitional provisions to provide Capital Gains Tax relief. You are able to reset the cost base of assets reallocated from the retirement phase to the.

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You can run but you can’t hide

One fundamental first step at the beginning of any application is to prove to the court that your application has been brought to the attention of the party or.

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Australian courts ordering the return of a child to an overseas jurisdictions

In the recent decision of Hsing & Song FamCA 986 , the family court again illustrated its willingness in appropriate circumstances to order a child to be returned.

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Superannuation Cap

In the 2016/17 Budget it was announced that from 1 July 2017 the total amount of superannuation that can be transferred into a tax-free pension phase account will be.

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My Will, my way…. Unfortunately, not always

Do you have a wayward beneficiary? Has your child removed themselves from your family and refuses to have a relationship with you? How can you stop this person making.

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Christmas Time

Xmas is approaching and it can be a difficult time to decide how to deal with the kids if you’ve separated. The court’s approach? Is there a reason why.

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Don’t send the angry email

In a highly emotional and potentially adversarial area of law such as family law, a practitioner is often faced (almost daily?) with vulnerable clients who feel threatened or aggrieved…or.

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Enduring Power of Attorney – what is it and why do I need one

When considering your Estate planning, you need to consider your circumstances whilst you are still alive. What happens if you lose capacity? Who will help pay the bills and.

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