Be Product Aware When a faulty or defective product goes bad

The range of building products currently available on the Australian market is larger than ever before, and growing more every day. This growth (particularly with many products being manufactured.

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Employment Law Risk and Compliance Assessment

Industrial relations and employment law in Australia is a complex system which brings together current national and state frameworks as well as transitional arrangements from previous legislation and regulation..

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Investing in new property investment in your SMSF?

If you’re purchasing new residential property or potential residential land as part of your SMSF investment portfolio, there may be GST considerations to be aware of. History In the.

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“What’s in a Day? Major changes to sick leave entitlements”

Major changes to sick leave entitlements The Federal Court handed down a landmark decision in August 2019 which will have major impacts on employee’s paid personal/carer’s (sick) leave entitlements..

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Why Succession Planning is important for your company

A succession plan is a critical but often overlooked process for companies. In short, a succession plan is a strategy for identifying and developing future leaders at your company,.

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Christmas Eve Part-Day Public Holiday

The Queensland Government has implemented a part-day public holiday from 6pm to midnight on Christmas Eve. What does this mean for you & your business? Declaring a public holiday.

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Buying & Selling at Christmas

It’s that time of year again, the holiday season is upon us! It’s very common for clients to buy and sell property in the time coming up to Christmas..

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Elder abuse is on the rise!

Recently Scott Lorback and I presented seminars in the Sunshine Coast libraries to inform the public about issues relating to their wills and estates, powers of attorney documents and.

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No more Paper Titles

Although conveyancing in Queensland has been able to slowly filter out the number of paper titles in circulation over the years, up until October 1st there were still plenty.

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Trustee Duties – be sure you are performing all of them?

Fiduciary obligations of a trustee have been considered and addressed by the courts (over many centuries) and more recently within legislation also. They confirm how a trustee should act.

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