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Written by: Dylan Murphy, Senior Accountant

In QLD as of Wednesday the 28th of February 2024, eligible small to medium businesses will be able to apply for Energy Efficiency Grants for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Round 2.

In an effort to reduce and manage energy usage and costs, this grant will provide businesses up to $25000 to purchase, replace or upgrade energy-efficient equipment. This will cover 100% of eligible expenditures with a total of $41.241 million available. Each state will have a staggered opening date for applications due to the demand for this grant. See opening dates here.



These enhancements are poised to empower industries to reduce their energy consumption, effectively navigate long-term energy cost fluctuations and actively contribute to Australia’s ambitious goal of achieving a 43% reduction in emissions from 2005 levels by 2030.

The program has outlined clear objectives, aiming to elevate energy efficiency practices and drive the adoption of energy-efficient technologies. It further seeks to support small and medium businesses in effectively managing their energy usage and associated costs, leading to a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


Are you eligible?

If you are a small to medium business owner with under 199 employees, you may be eligible for this grant. You can apply if you are an eligible entity, have an eligible project or have eligible expenditure. Those who received Round 1 program grants will not be eligible for Round two and only one grant can be accepted per applicant.

Click here to check if you meet the criteria.



The application process demands both time and effort which often small businesses do not always have. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the entire process is crucial to being grant-ready and could enhance your prospects of successfully obtaining funding. Reach out to our Accountants today for advice tailored to your business needs and assistance with your grant application.



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