When dealing with commercial and construction law, building disputes are common. Most commonly, disputes arise when a contract signed between client and builder, supplier or contractor goes awry, or similarly, when a relationship between builder and contractor breaks down and a dispute ensues. Financial disputes and unpaid monies are usually at the root of the problem.

Building disputes are often long-running matters and can involve hefty litigation fees if the parties in question cannot settle in an amicable and timely manner. Unfortunately, miscommunication is a common player in ‘avoidable disputes’.

When creating or entering into a building or professional contract, it is vital that both parties completely understand and agree with the clauses, terms and conditions of the contract.

If one party is unsure or feels confused, it is vital to seek legal advice before signing any documents. If you would like advice on a building contract you are entering into, please don’t hesitate to call on 5444 1022 or get in contact directly at allyson@test2.gpla.com.au.