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“Save time and effort when starting and running your business by using the Business Launchpad, a digital tool that makes it easier to discover licences, permits and regulatory information tailored to your business needs.”


The Queensland government released a ’Business Launchpad’ in April 2021, which is a free to use tool that acts as a main area to apply for business permits for all industries.

This tool will be highly important for people who are looking to start up small businesses, to find exactly what permits they will need.

To start on the Business Launchpad, you will just need to enter the industry that your business will operate in and answer a few questions regarding how the business will operate. Once these questions have been completed there will be a list produced of all licenses and permits that may relate to your business.

Once the program has generated a tailored guide of results from Australia, Queensland and local governments you will be able to:

create an account
manage your priority applications
fill in some forms and apply online
refine your results
find and complete forms
learn who to contact about what

The Launchpad also enables you to sign in through your MyGov Id, and prefill, sign, and submit some of the licensing forms online.

The Launchpad was updated in May this year to included permits for all industries in Queensland.

**To find the Business Launchpad Program please visit the Queensland Government Business help page or click here.

For more information about launchpad or licences, permits and regulatory information that impacts your business, contact our experienced team today!