Finding lost super is easier than you think

Your super is your hard-earned money. Sure, you might not be able to access it for many years, but it’s important to always keep track of your super. When retirement hits, you’ll be grateful for every cent.

A few important questions to ask yourself now is:

  • How much super am I getting?
  • How do I find lost super?


How much super am I getting?

This will depend on the agreement with your employer and how much you earn, but generally if you earn more than $450.00 per month before tax in a calendar month, your employer will have to pay a minimum contribution of 9.5% of your ordinary earnings.

If you are a sole trader, you’re not obliged to make super payments to yourself. However you might choose to make personal contributions to your super account as a way of saving for your retirement.


How do I find lost super?

Throughout our working lives, we may be required to open up new super accounts, or you lose track of what accounts you already have. Having multiple super accounts means you’re likely paying multiple fees and charges, reducing your overall retirement income.

If you’re uncertain about what super accounts and balances you have, you can check this via myGov


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