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What happens if the aggrieved lives with the perpetrator?


If you currently share a roof with your perpetrator, your safety is paramount. The first step is developing a SAFETY PLAN. A Domestic Violence protection order is often part of your safety plan and we recommend you seek support to help you keep safe within the home. 

From a legal perspective, varying levels of protection orders exist and residing in the same household as your perpetrator, does not automatically equal a breach. The victim is not forced to move out of the property and both parties should seek legal advice to avoid any unnecessary breaches. 

Financial status can give power to a perpetrator and is a common control tactic. This can inhibit the victim from leaving an abusive living environment and breed a high risk environment. Further repercussions include the victims ability to leave and as studies have evidenced, the victim is most vulnerable when trying to leave. Shelters are available for individuals in these circumstances. You can also reside with family or friends, however it is important to consider the risks involved if the perpetrator is aware of this location. 


If you need a safety plan or advice on a DVO whilst living within the same household as the aggrieved, you should contact our Family and Criminal Lawyers today on 07 5444 1022.