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GP turns 21! Let’s reflect…

Over the past 21 years, Greenhalgh Pickard has undergone remarkable transformations, navigating through dynamic market landscapes, technological advancements, and evolving client needs. Yet, amidst these changes, our core values have remained steadfast pillars guiding our every endeavour. 

From our humble beginnings to becoming a leading force in our industry, integrity, excellence, and client-centricity are the cornerstones of our journey. We are now a fully integrated Legal, Accounting and Marketing firm expanding across four locations on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.


Not your average Lawyer.  

In the professional services industry, sometimes the biggest challenge we face is reshaping the narrative of what it means to be a lawyer.

Repositioning the lawyer stereotype is something that we strive to do through our actions. Clients are the foundation of everything we do. We are privileged to have the ability to provide a service that can help people through sometimes the most challenging and uncertain periods of their lives. We let word of mouth and the hundreds of 5-star Google reviews attest to this. For this reason, we push back on the lawyer rhetoric and show our clients we are just people, like them, navigating the complexities and the unforeseen challenges that life can throw at us. 

When looking at our team, we see so much more than colleagues, who are so much more than their profession. From fathers taking their girls to netball after work, to graduate lawyers immersed in textbooks, hanging onto every word of the seniors to soak up their experience across a multitude of areas. The clap of a strong handshake between colleagues who have spent months preparing for trial and have successfully achieved a favourable result for their client. Our staff who duck down to the beach for a surf in their lunch break, and those who have devoted years to study, to now be able to leverage this knowledge in cultivating positive change in the lives of their clients.

We believe in shifting the narrative, shaking up the landscape of the industry. We are anything but your average lawyers and accountants. We are local members of the community; we push for social progression and aim to make waves in the industry to stand for the causes important to us. As a prominent business on the Sunshine Coast, this voice comes with an impact.


Our corporate social responsibility is never taken lightly. We advocate for gender parity, for sustainability, for work-life balance and mitigating burnout. We endeavour to unwaveringly support our clients by going above and beyond, treating everyone as if they were a family member. Represented by a female management team with a firmwide focus on gender parity. A culture-driven workplace, prioritising mental well-being and work-life balance through a 9-day fortnight.

Our team leads by example as a fully carbon-neutral operation for the third consecutive year. Clients and our service are at the heart of everything we do. We’re real people, here to get you real results. There is so much that makes us more than a transactional service, and so many reasons as to why we’re not your average lawyer.  



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