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Here at Greenhalgh Pickard, green is not just in our name but it’s engrained in our nature. We are passionate about enacting positive social and environmental change and we believe in todays day and age, as a business you should be making steps towards a carbon neutral society.

We would really love to share what we do here at Greenhalgh Pickard to reach our goal of net 0 emissions and take you on our climate journey. Located in the pristine location of the Sunshine Coast, our environment is fundamental to our lifestyles and we want to do our part in preserving it.



Tips for the office




Swap plastic bottles for reusable eco-friendly bottles.

Reduce the use of plastic bottles by giving everyone access to glass or eco-bottles made from recycled bamboo.



Check for plastic straw alternatives.

Self-growing bamboo and steel straws are becoming increasingly popular which is great news for our environment. They also make an excellent addition to an employee’s welcome gift pack.


Swap single-use plastic lunch wrapping to reusable containers

Food packaging is, in general, not easily recyclable and can end up in rivers and drains clogging free-flowing water. If you bring your own lunch to work try using eco-friendly food containers.


Swap single-use coffee pods and reuse coffee ground in the garden!

Instead of using single-use coffee pods, use biodegradable ones or more to classic brewed coffee. Bonus, you can reuse the coffee grind as fertiliser!


Use biodegradable landfill bags.

Garbage bags and bin liners that end up in a landfill can only compost if they are made of biodegradable materials. Instead of using standard plastic bin bags in the office, simply swap them for biodegradable landfill bags.


Order the office fruit baskets from a local greengrocer.

Support your local greengrocer or farmer’s markets by getting the office fruit baskets locally. This also means you can enjoy organic and seasonal produce and give back to your staff in the office!


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