The Taxman Commeth

The sale or purchase of a property can have tax implications. Where a property is not a person’s principal place of residence capital gains tax (CGT) is payable on.

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Can liquidators recover payments from a secured creditor?

The Corporations Act gives powers to liquidators to recover unfair preference payments to a creditor. An unfair preference payment is where a creditor receives a payment before other creditors.

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GST Withholding Scheme – Defective Notices and Buyer’s Liability

By now property law practitioners across Australia are starting to get used to their new role as tax collectors courtesy of the Federal Government’s new GST withholding scheme. Purchasers.

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New Unpaid Family & Domestic Violence Leave

From 1 August 2018, all employees on modern awards will be entitled to access 5 days’ unpaid family and domestic violence leave each year. The change follows a recent.

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The Fine Print – Building Contracts

So you have just bought a vacant block of land in a new estate and are eagerly planning to construct your first home. Or maybe you have reached the.

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Will your last Will be your final word?

Will your last will be your final word on who gets your property and possessions? The answer is “not necessarily”.  The validity of a will can be affected  by.

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Non Paying Tenant? An Old remedy for a complex problem

A recent landlord and tenant issue that our office dealt with raises a few important issues for landlords. The landlord rented an industrial shed to a company that conducted.

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Defamation – Think before you post

Think Before you Post In a reality where scrolling through social media is as second nature as a morning cup of coffee, some social media users have a tendency.

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The Age Pension and your assets

Thinking of retiring and getting the age pension? Because the age pension is “means tested” you be will be asked about any interests in companies or trusts. Under the.

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Keeping your online information safe

  How do you protect your important and identifying information? Do you keep it in your wallet, a folder, a safe? How about your online information? You can have.

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