rxh-manComing to an agreement with your ex partner regarding the future arrangements for your children, is an important part of any separation.

Recording that agreement in writing is a good first step. Having the agreement completed through the family courts will enable you to rely on it going forward and enforce it if necessary.

There are three ways you can come to an agreement regarding your children. The first is a verbal agreement, the second is a written agreement known as a parenting plan. The third is a parenting order which is written, considered, and most relevantly approved and sealed by the court.

Only a parenting order can be enforced by a parent through the court.

Comprehensive and appropriate parenting orders will specifically allow parents in the first instance the right to review and change by agreement any arrangements for the children going forward.

Only if agreements going forward cannot be reached will ‘default provisions’ apply.

Those default provisions will set out where the children will live, how and when they will spend time with parents and confirm logistical arrangements accordingly. The orders will also provide authorities for third party agencies such as schools and doctors to deal with each parent, separately if needs be.

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