Abraham Lincoln once said the best way to predict the future is to create it; a statement that resounds deeply when thinking about divorce and separation settlements.

There can sometimes be a race to finalise a settlement and move on with life but how often do we consider the future in the settlement? Usually the focus is placed squarely on the present, sharing out the matrimonial assets, selling or retaining the house and sharing care of the children. As such, long-term interests that affect your child’s growth into adulthood are sometimes not front of mind.

In order the ensure the long-term success of your offspring, it is important to ensure any agreement addresses not only present but also future interests, balancing your need for liberation whilst fostering a new and ongoing relationship with regards to the care of children and their development into adulthood.

Don’t let haste to ‘get out’ lead to complications in the long-term. If practicable, take the opportunity to mediate with your partner regarding any children to ensure that you plan for their future as well.

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Rob Hollis