Domestic violence is a growing problem in Australia.

In order to help the victims of domestic violence a number of remedies now exist. One of these is the Domestic Violence Order.

A domestic violence order is a civil order put in place by the court designed to protect a person from future violence.  These can be either temporary or final protection orders.

A temporary protection order is a short-term order that in certain circumstances can be made against a person without them being aware a court application has been filed.

A final protection order is a long-term order, usually for two years, preventing a person from committing an act of domestic violence against any person named in the order. See here actions constituting domestic violence.

The protection order may also impose other conditions, for example staying away from a home, work place or other place a named person usually frequents. It can also address the return of personal property.

How can you apply for a domestic violence order?

To apply for an order you can visit a magistrates’ court and make an application directly. In certain circumstances, the police will apply for an order on behalf of an individual. Otherwise you can instruct a solicitor to prepare an application for you.

Before applying for the order, it is best to seek legal advice.